Vimax Ltd. 's expertise is to produce and sell powdered bone. Currently, powdered bone is one of the most important ingredients for cattle's food manufacturing. Vimax 's powdered bone is a neccessary factour which provide nutritive for livestock's food. Vimax's product is recycled from buffalo's bone without any toxic ingredient and approved by local veterinary  authority.Moreover, the product also contain fatty acit which is good for cattle. The bone is baked at 170 °C to eliminated the bacteria and dried at 60 °C and the humidity is maintained below 10%.Other impurities are totally eliminated. The price is updated daily depends on the market. Any order for 's powdered bone,

Please contact: Mr. Tuyen 0913225914.

Bot Xuong


Protein: 24%

Phosphorus: 11%

Calcium: 28%

Humidity: < 10%.



Bot xuong
1.White powdered bone:
 Bone is baked at hight degree (exported to Japan), powder ratio depends on the size of the seed.
2.Baked, dired bone at 170 °C :
Being selled in Vietnam as ingredient for cattle's food manufacturing, powder ratio depends on the size of the seed.
3.Dried bone:
The humidity is at most 7%, being sell in Vietnam and also exported to China.